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In present situation, communication is the most important aspect and the entire world is revolving with internet communication facility. In my earlier days, it took more at least two days to send information to my staffs, and now, it has been made simple and instant to communicate with the entire world, with the e mail services. Staffs should realize their responsibility that they should answer to their e mails, especially to their higher authorities. I have been waiting for your reply for the last two weeks and yet to receive reply from you.
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Sub: Final Reminder for the project works regarding.

Reference: My pervious Email messages to you regarding project work

Dear Mr. Janson Keith,

This is to inform you that this is my final official e mail to you regarding submitting your files that are related to the latest project work. I have been sending reminders after reminders to you to submit the same, but, to no avail.

I am sorry to say that I cannot proceed further in completing the project without your final complete details of expenses involved in the particular project. As for the project is concerned, you are the responsible person to get all the details of expenses and to make sure that there would be no further expenditures in the project, even if it is delayed, due to unforeseen reasons.

I still remember about the meeting we had before the outline proposal of the project and during the meeting, you assured that entire details of the project would be submitted to me as early as possible. But, after the meeting, I had a personal talk with my partners and they were impressed very much with the project and they promised me to support in all possible ways for the success of the project. You aware that this is a highly competitive filed and the plans should be implemented as soon as the projects are finalized. So far, we have wasted more than three weeks in finalizing the project itself, which would lead to lose in profit in the project.

Please treat this mail as urgent and reply me without any further delay. In case if I don’t receive information from you, I have no other options, except dropping the entire proposal and you would be the responsible person for this.

With Regards,
Martin McGrath
Chief Controlling Manager and Director,

Mixall International Solutions Limited.

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