Sample condolence email

Condolence emails are written to express sympathy to the person whose loved one has recently passed away. These must contain encouraging words; maintain a somber tone yet not overtly pitiful. Neglecting to send condolences can portray a bad character, and is just plain heartless of the employee. Below is a sample condolence email by an employee to his boss whose son, a successful CEO, passed away in a car accident. The employee has been away on holiday when the news of the death reaches him. He is unable to attend the funeral in person.

Email subject: My deepest sympathy for the loss of a brilliant son and an amazing role model.
Dear Mr. Tharakan,
Words have eluded me as I try to express my heartfelt condolences at the loss of your dearest son, Ajay. I was notified of his demise by Mr. Karan and immediately felt the heaviness of heart as the thought of losing such a fine man haunts me. Sir, I genuinely regret not being able to attend the funeral tomorrow. It would have been an honor to be present and to share some priceless lessons learnt from Ajay.
I have been privileged to have known Ajay. He has always been an inspiration to me ever since I first started my career. Though he was highly intelligent and successful, he always maintained the air of humility, something that I will for ever remember. Ajay’s hardworking, never-give-up attitude has been a motivation to many, of which he may have never known.
Sir, though your grief may be incomparable to mine, I want you to know that I have lost one of my greatest role models. The thought of not being able to partner with him anymore is immensely regretful. Please be assured that Ajay left a legacy which I aspire to carry on.
I propose to cut short my holidays by 5 days. Please note that I wish to visit you at your office of which I shall notify you at the earliest.
Kindly pass on my sympathies to Mrs. Tharakan.
Yours most truly,
Rahul Joshi
(80) 765 8907

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