Sample Business Apology Letter

This letter is being written by the manger of ABC Chemicals to the Managing director of Zone Chemicals conveying his apology because his company couldn’t meet up with the timely delivery of goods to Zone chemicals. This letter explains that the main reason behind not delivering the goods on time is due to wear and tear of machinery and also conveys the wish of the manager to retain a business relationship with Zone chemicals.

ABC Chemicals


Managing director
Zone Chemicals

This is a letter I am writing to convey apology from our end as we couldn’t deliver the goods to you in the stipulated time .We have been with your business since years delivering goods and services required by your company. Not even once we have missed the dates. We usually deliver even before the given time. I very well know that even you are aware of this and that’s the main reason why your company is still giving our company business.

You have sent letters of appreciation to us for our timely delivery of goods and services, delivery of quality and standard goods, for cost effective goods etc.
This time we apologize since there was a delay in the manufacturing .There was wear and tear of machinery which was unexpected and we had to go ahead replacing the machinery parts .Only after that was set right we started the project. The mistake is from our end and deep apologies for that. We do not want to lose the business contract with your company for the simple reason that you trust us. I still hope that you have the same trust upon us that we will still be able to deliver quality goods except for the factor that this time there is a delay. The processing and manufacturing of the goods is complete.

We will be shipping the goods to your company tomorrow. I sincerely wish that you accept our apologies and be our everlasting customer because our main objective is customer satisfaction which you have always shown from your end. I hope this letter brings more wellness and betterment to both our companies.

Thanking You,



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