proposal letter

Proposal letter is the one who can convey the information to the other side in a proper way to get the things done. By this way both the team will be benefited. This letter may be personal or official. We can write this letter to a friend, college, company and bank for a specific purpose. We can also propose an offer to an employee for a job offer through some kind reference. The letter may be straight forward and avoid including any personal matters while writing business proposal letter.
Start the letter with the company name and address. It is also advice to write our designation to show the responsibility.
Here is the formal proposal letter template in which a cafeteria owner is asking to set up the canteen facility to a company.
Name of the cafeteria owner,
The recipient,

Company name and address,
Place and State.
Dear Sir/Madam,
First, state your canteen facility and offers along with your menu and cost.
Second, describe how you know about the company and its standard.
Finally, recommend the manager to Geat the canteen order.
In short we can start the letter as follow,
I have started the canteen business and run it successfully from the past seven years. I have opened a canteen mall to a company which is nearby to your office and I came to know about that your company does not have the cafeteria.
Your company employees are getting food, lunch, coffee, tea and desserts from outside or they can order it to a nearby hotel.
Your company is one of the good company in designing websites and marketing. If you have the cafeteria facility, your employees can save their precious time.
We can set a mall where you can offer variety of foods at a reasonable prize. We can work on weekends also if the employees are coming to office irrespective of the number of employees. We guarantee that our food will have the good taste and our cafeteria person is kind enough to serve the employees in a decent way. You can enquire our canteen standard to your neighbourhood company and take the necessary steps.
Herewith, I attached menu and the cost for your kind reference.
Looking forward to hear from you soon,
Cafeteria Owner.

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