promotion letter to manager

Promotion letter to manager are sent to them to inform them about their promotion and a respective manager according to their experience. All the details regarding the promotion basis should be disclosed so that it can motivate the person in performing better for the job and can carry out the new responsibility with more care and dedication.
Mr. Andy Roxanne
General Manager
Castrol Lubricants
Dear Andy,
As you are associated with the company for 15 years and have seen all the ups and downs of the company and helped us to grow stronger and competitive in the market with your strategies, the management of Castrol lubricants has decided to promote you as the general manager of the company and hope that you are happy about seeing you as the general manager of the company.
We have decided to pay you a sum of 10000 Dirham monthly for your services and we hope that you have no issues regarding the salary you are being paid for the post. We have send you a contract letter for minimum service as a general manager in the company for two years and please duly fill in the contract and send back to us signed stating that you agree with the terms and conditions of the company.
The step of promoting is taken by the management purely on your performance and experience in the company and management reserves full rights to change your position in the company if found that you have given sub standards results. The management has informed to you go through the terms and conditions to work as a general manager and then take a decision for working for the elite post of the company.
We wish that you will serve our company the best like you had done in the earlier years and include your new strategies so that we can built a further global reputation. We wish you all the best for your future and please for any other assistance feel free to contact me.
With Regards
Human resource officer
Castrol Lubricants
Contact Number: +4478841556814

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