Neighbour Complaint Letter

A neighbor complaint letter is written by a person to secretary of society about his neighbor who has caused him grievances. This letter is written by Mr. Anand to the secretary of the society complaining about his neighbor Mr. Prasad about his birthday bash the previous night. He writes that Prasad played loud music and spread trash all over the verandah. He further writes that one of his friend even eve-teased his wife in a drunken state. Mr. Shah has ordered strict action against Prasad and has threatened to move the police if severe action was not taken.
February 17, 2011
The Secretary,
Evershine Apartments,
Park Avenue Road,
I am very much annoyed with the conduct of Mr. Prasad last night. He was just out of control the previous evening and disobeyed all the rules laid by the society. Ever since the party started, his friends played loud music to songs and disturbed the peace of the society. We requested quite a few times but they paid no heed to our constant urges to stop the music. The high decibels of music spoiled our sleep and had bad effect on the minds of our children.
The party lasted till midnight and we were unable to sleep the whole night. All the garbage like soft drink cans, beer bottles, leftover food and party caps were littered all over the verandah and complete mess was created in front of our house.
One of his friends even tried to misbehave with my wife and eve-teased her. When we tried to stop him, we acknowledged that he was drunk and even argued with us. We are quite annoyed with Mr. Prasad’s behavior and want strict action against him. The society should react strictly to the matter and severe steps should be taken against his unlawful ways.
If we show leniency towards Prasad’s behavior, some other member of society will come up with similar arrogant deeds. One rotten apple spoils the entire bowl of apples. I request you to severely penalize Mr. Prasad and take strict against him.
Yours faithfully,
Anand Shah.

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