follow up marketing letter

Follow up marketing letter are send in accordance with the letter sent to the person for asking their feedback about the business proposals made by you and know about their participation in having a business deal with them. It helps to make the customers happy that they are being considered as important persons for carrying out a business with you and the results of the follow up letters are generally fruitful towards the business.
Mr. Mondeo
Sigma consultancies
Dear Mr. Mondeo,
We wrote you marketing letter Dated 21 June, 2010 for our new revised telecom plans for your company and we are yet to receive a response of any kind of feedback from you for the same.
We have the reputation of one of the big telecom operators around the globe and as you being an integral part of our business we came up a new telecom plan for your company with revised benefits and price rates.
As you are one of our old customer despite the dead line for the offers and utilities for the new plan for telecom is over we would like to provide you with the same offers as mentioned by us in the earlier marketing letter and hope that you take interest in new plan and have a better service.
We are also further providing faster data plans with speeds up to 5mbps for your company if you install a minimum 100 connections in your company against the existing 85 connections in your company.
We wish that you show interest in installing the amendments soon and enjoy the new benefits being provided to you and stay ahead with the faster data plans and cheaper calls across the globe and enjoy being part of the one of the most reputed telecom company in the world.
For any further clarifications and details contact us on our toll free number and also you can mail us regarding any other clarification and we would be pleased to help you.
Happy to Help
With regards
Yours Truly,
Marketing Manager
Vodafone telecom

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