Farewell to a girl friend

Such letter bids goodbye from a caring partner to her mate who can sense the pain residing in the heart of the bereaved girl by their physical separation. He does not want to let her down and to cheer up he pours his heart out to make his girl friend emotionally stable. A farewell letter expresses the emotions of a lover towards his girlfriend without any inhibitions.
Sample letter
20th Feb’2011
New Delhi
Dear Rekha,
Hope this letter of mine finds you in best of spirit. How are you? I had to depart suddenly from Delhi and in the meantime ran short of time to inform you. This does not imply I am deserting you. You mean everything to my existence and this geographical barrier will never hinder the sweet relationship that exists between us. My love for you will transcend all physical impediments and we will reunite sooner.
My sudden departure was necessitated by a wonderful career opportunity that awaited me at Mumbai. Sweetheart, you will acknowledge the fact that I need to stand on my feet for a brighter future. We are soul mates and the mundane distance cannot make us part ways. This job will make me self-sufficient and pave the road for me to scale greater professional heights.
It is very difficult for me to get adapted to a life that does not have your physical presence. I want you forever and this sacrifice of ours will bring us closer to our unity in the long run. Darling, we know we love each other. But, we are soul mates and our emotional bonding will not be torn apart by harsh mundane reality. I know you will understand me and be my strength.
I love you and at this critical junction of life where hard decisions are to be made I solicit your support. Without that, I will falter at each step in my life. Dear, I promise I will be back soon but for the present moment bid me goodbye with a cheer in your face. You are my inspiration and I toil to make you happy.
My dear angel, please take care of you.
Always yours,
Aravind Kannan

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