Farewell letter to teacher

There could be more than one situation where a farewell letter to a teacher may be written. It could be the case when a teacher leaves the institute for better opportunities or is transferred to another location or is retiring. Optionally, it could be the students who are passing out of the school. In either case, the letter is mean to convey to the gratitude and affection of the students in a sincere way. Do remember that a teacher plays an important role in moulding the student’s future and the student may not get a chance in future to acknowledge that fact. A well written farewell letter can become a treasured gift.

Dear Sir,

Today is my last day as a student of class XII of this esteemed school. While I am excited about entering a new phase of life as a college student, I have a heavy heart thinking that I will be leaving my dear school, close childhood friends and my favourite teacher, who is none other but you.

Over the years, you have helped us grow from naughty children to confident and ambitious teenagers. I recollect how with your interesting lectures, a much dreaded subject like Mathematics became a much loved subject of mine. Not only myself, but the whole class used to eagerly wait for your lessons. With painstaking efforts, you used to simplify the most difficult concepts till each one of us understood it well. I have not only learnt the lessons of algebra, calculus and geometry, but also learnt the theories of discipline, practice and hard work from you. You taught us that it is important to try and not be afraid of failure, rather than not to try at all. I can never forget how you inspired me to appear for that scholarship examination, in which I later succeeded only because of your confidence in me.

I will forever be grateful to you for your kind guidance. I will always treasure the fact that I got a chance to be your student. I hope you remember me as one of the many students, whose lives you touched and inspired.

I would like to remain in contact with you and benefit from your wisdom and advice in future too. If I can ever be of any service to you, please do not hesitate to let me know.

With deepest respect and love,

Your student

Suresh Babu

XII – A (Batch of 2011)

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