congratulation letter

Congratulations letters are generally written by the employers to their employees mentioning about their promotion on serving well to the organization. It is really great to receive such letters on the employees’ part. It makes them feel proud and also boost them up a lot. They gather more inspiration and strive to perform even better. These are free spirited letters given to well deserved candidates of the company. The company also feels the pleasure to hand over such letters to worthy individuals. This kind of inspirational letters help to create a friendlier and better working environment. If you happen to receive such a letter just relax and continue your good work.

Date: 11.03.2011
Mr. C. Franklin,
Chief Engineer,
Eastman Company,
145 Peter Boulevard,
Pittsbugh, USA.

Dear Mr. Franklin,

This is to inform you that you have received a promotion to the designation of Senior Supervisor Engineer. You have performed really well in the last 2 years and absolutely deserve this raise. I really am very happy to announce this promotion.

I am sending my heartiest greetings and congratulations for this. You happen to really deserve this success for the great service you provided to our organization. We are really proud to have workers like you. The company has gained real profits because of your good work. Your contribution is highly rewarded by means of this promotion.

I sincerely hope you will carry out your new duties with utmost interest and venture into the newer projects with full potential. It was a great pleasure on my part when I read about your promotion to the given position. The company really made a good choice with your name for this position. It was a unanimous decision by the Board members based on the reviews of your performance. I am pretty sure you will excel in your present responsibility and work with more endeavor. You will also enjoy your new position.

Please accept my congratulation and my good luck for continuing your good work. I hope you will continue with great success in years ahead and make our concern more proud. I also hope that this recognition will inspire you for even better achievements.

Thanking you,

Yours truly,
Mr. F.Hogg,
Managing Director,
Eastman Company.

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