Condolence Letter For Death Of Sister

Death of a sister can be difficult to deal with. Loss of a sister also means loss of a best friend. Siblings in general share a bond friendship. They tend to share their deepest secrets, happiest moments and also moment of grief. Sisters are like our natural best friends. When you write a letter to someone convey your condolence for loss of his/her sister try to make them feel that they are not alone. Let the recipient of your letter know that they can make their sister feel proud by, being strong and facing the situation with courage.

Ms. Riya Daren
Flat no-108, City Apartments
Old airport Road
15th April 2010

Dear Riya,
I received the shocking news of your sister yesterday and I couldn’t believe my ears. I feel sorry for your loss. You sister’s sudden death has brought grief to all of us. She was a very good friend of mine. We have shared a number of unforgettable memories when we went to the same college.
She has always been very supportive as a friend and had an optimistic outlook towards life. Every time I felt low due to failures in academic, she would inspire me to learn from my mistakes and face the next task ahead.
She would often tell me about the different phases of life you went through. She thought of you as a very strong person. Now, you need to prove her right and try to move on. She loved you and always wanted you to stay happy. Wherever she is, she will always feel proud about you.
I am aware that she was the dearest person to you and you must be missing her terribly. If you feel comfortable, you can come over to my place and stay with me until you are prepared to return home. You can perhaps you look for a job here if you like this city. Off course must be out of your interest and not fear to return home. Your sister would never have liked it if you move from one city to another due to past memory.

Yours lovingly,
Tina Arora

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