Complaint Letter To School

The complaint letter is a very impact full way to complain about the problems and issues one is facing. The letter is addressed to the person who has the right to authority and can take decision wisely. The complaint letter is a formal letter and there should not be any spelling or grammatical mistakes in the letter.
The compliant letter to school is basically written against any service which is provided by the school.


The Principal

Wonderful Kindergarten

Model Town



15 Feb 2011

Sub: Complain Letter for the bus service provided by school

Dear Madam,

I, Rishita Mehta mother of Alisha Mehta who is studying in your school in U.K.G want to draw your attention towards the bus service provided by the school. I stay very far from the school and it takes at least one hour to come to your school, due to which I applied for the bus service so that it will be convenient and safe for my daughter. The bus is not able to come on time and because of that my daughter is unable to reach the school at time. This effects her studied and also she get scolded by the teachers for coming late regularly.

My daughter is very unhappy with this and offends in the school after getting scolded from teachers. This is affecting her performance and self confident to do any work. The bus sometimes does not come and my daughter has to miss her classes. The driver always make excuses for getting late that he got stuck in traffic jam but I am very annoyed by his behavior.

As a mother I am worried about my daughter much and I am writing this letter to make you aware about the bus service. Please consider my request and take some action against the matter as the earliest, as it is very serious matter which is not only with my daughter but also other children who are traveling in the same bus.

I am looking forward for your further action and concern for this matter.

Thanking You

Yours Sincerely

Rishita Mehta

M/O Alisha Mehta

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