Complaint Letter To Government

Complain Letters are often used to write and express about the problems one is facing. It can be personal, social or official complain and it is written to a person in authority who can think wisely and take action against the matter. The letters consists of the problems which re faced by a common man in life.

The complain letter to Government is a formal letter and one should avoid to use abusive language. The letter must not be lengthy and always to the point and it must state that what you want to be done for the problem.


Avinash Mukerjee

Head of Block Developing Department

Churu District


14 Feb 2011

Sub: Compliant letter about Lack of tube wells in Churu

Dear Avinash Mukerjee,

I, Vijay Singh as a responsible person and resident of Churu district and I want to draw your attention towards the condition and number of tube wells in Churu. There are only two tube wells in the village and those are not in good condition from past two years. One of the tubes well is jammed and other one is open so water is flowing continuously from that.

I want you to have a look at the problem and please get both of them repaired. I want to also mention that there is a requirement for about four more tube wells in the district. Many people are suffering from the lack of water in Churu and this can be only resolved by implanting new tube wells. There were two people who died last week due to lack of water and I want that not to be happen again.

This is not the first time that I am writing letter to high authority. I have sent five letters in past two years but they were not considered in any condition. I hope that you will look at this problem and soon find a solution for the matter. I am looking forward to this matter and I believe that you will resolve the problem as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely

Vijay Singh

Churu District

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