college leave letter

College leave letter is written to avail leave from the college. Whenever you a take a leave from the college it is necessary to produce a leave letter to the authorised person. College leave letter is written in a formal way. It should be short and precise. The reason for taking leave should be clearly stated. In the leave letter you should mention from which date you are going to take leave and when are going to join the college back. In case you are sick for a day the leave letter can be produced the next day when you join the class, otherwise when it is for a longer period the leave letter has to be produced by the parent or by the guardian. While producing the leave letter you have to produce medical certificate incase if you are sick.
Here is a sample letter for college leave letter.
Kiran Krishnan
23 postal colony
Tamil Nadu
Chennai 6000056
The Principal
Vaishnav College
Tamil Nadu
Chennai 6000034
12 March 2010
Sub: Leave letter
Respected Sir,
I am Kiran Krishnan studying in 2nd year BSC Maths. I request you to grant me a leave for 2 weeks as I am suffering from Typhoid. . I have advised to take complete rest by the doctor for two weeks. So I will not be able to attend the class for the next few days. Today I am getting admitted in the hospital as I am very week so the doctor has asked to take some glucose. I will be joining the college back on 25th march 2010. In case of any change in joining my parents will come and inform you in person
I have submitted the doctor’s medical certificate to the Head of the department. I will copy all the notes from my friends and see to that I score good marks in coming exam. As the doctors have recommended to take complete rest I have asked not to go to college. Hence I request you to grant me a leave for two weeks.
Thanking you
Yours sincerely
Kiran Krishnan

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