Application letter for promotion

Application letter for promotion is written when an employee has served a certain period of time in an organization. The letter is written in a formal style. When writing a promotion letter, the general rule is to ensure that adequate reference and affidavits are attached. Mention names of superiors who can vouch or give a recommendation letter on why you deserve the promotion.

The director,
Ernst & Young Group,


Sub: Application letter for Promotion

I have learnt from an advertisement placed in the “Times Classified” seeking candidates for the post of Research & Development Head. I would like to apply for the post advertised.

I have been a research & development executive with Ernst and young for the last three years. I have researched on the market trend and varying cost other advertisement firms seek for a 250 word advertisement. I along with two members have done strenuous field work to get the statistics accurate.

The latest marketing ads for Nirala phenyl involved lot of graphics which was my work. You must be aware that the success of the ad has earned Ernst & young a big client. As an intern I have excelled in procuring maximum clientele for the firm. In the last two years I have been assigned various jobs roles like being a supervisor to subject matter expert. I was assigned these roles due to my diligence and eye for detail. I certainly credit the supervisors I worked under to have given me this opportunity to prove my niche.

Sir I was the under impression that such offers would come through Internal job postings however I understand that since the position offered is three levels above my current designation hence the advertisement. I am certain that a face to face interview would help you decide that I would be an apt candidate for this post.

I am due for my performance development review next month. I have attached my previous review sheets by my supervisors for your perusal. An opportunity and responsibility as big as this will certainly be a morale booster for me.

Jayman Luthra
R&D Analyst

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