Apology letter for out of stock Item

In any organization, people make mistakes and to apologize for your mistakes help maintaining the relations with their customers, vendors and employees. Many people refuse to accept that they have made a mistake as they feel it is as an indication of weakness. But we should remember that if we accept our mistakes and apologize for it, there is a better chance that the customer is retained and will come back to you for further services.
Every business apology letter has some precise format and specific tone. We will now discuss about an apology letter for out of stock.
In the beginning, we should thank and sincerely apologize for unavailability of stock the other person requires followed by appropriate reasoning of its unavailability taking the responsibility for that. Be precise on subject you are apologizing for. At the end, give them the plan you are executing to overcome the problem. This should assure customer for your future business with him.
Here is a sample for letter of the above topic.
(Company’s Letterhead)
Date – 15/12/2010.
Mr. Michel Jones,
Manager – Purchases
ABC Manufacturers,
Dr. B.R.Ambedkar Road,
Thane – 12.

Dear Sir,

Subject – Unavailability of Bock Piston for Hero Honda Motorcycle.

Thank you very much for your Purchase Order No 1248/2011 regarding your requirement of 1000 numbers of block pistons for Hero Honda Splendor. We sincerely apologize that we are out of stock for the above requirement.

As you know, this model was launched in the year 2003 and is largest selling motorcycle and the requirement for the above item is also huge in the replacement market. So also the raw material required for manufacturing the above item have been in short supply from last 6 months. This has increased resulted into heavy pressure on manufacturing end and has resulted in the above problem.
We however have already taken necessary steps to overcome the problem. The additional consignment of raw material is imported and is ready at our doorsteps. The production schedule has been doubled already and we assure you that we will be able to overcome the supply within a week’s time. Till then, we request to blare with us.

We know that this has caused a lot of inconvenience to you and we once again apologize for that. We further assure you that such case will not happen again please note that we have attached the fresh copy of our supply schedule to you.

Sincerely yours,

Mr. Mary Patrick
(General Manager)
AMD Autobiz,

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